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Common orthodontic problems


This occurs when teeth start to fight for space. It can result in teeth overlapping and crowding each other, which in turn can make them difficult to clean.




The opposite to crowding, spacing occurs when teeth have big gaps between them. This can cause food to get stuck in between teeth.




If your top teeth stick out over your bottom teeth, this is known as an overbite. It’s one of the many common orthodontic problems we can fix.




The opposite to an overbite, an underbite occurs when your bottom teeth stick out past your top teeth when you bite.



OpenbiteOpen bite

When you bite your teeth together, your front teeth should slide just over your bottom teeth. However, sometimes your front top and bottom teeth might not meet at all. When this happens, this is known as an open bite.




If one (or more) of your lower teeth sit outside your upper teeth, this is known as a crossbite. This usually occurs along the side of your jaw. 

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