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Adult orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for teenagers – it’s for adults as well. At Eden Orthodontics, we believe no patient is too old for orthodontic treatment. Furthermore, as technology in this sector continues to advance, more and more adults are turning to teeth straightening treatment to get the smile they’ve always wanted. 

Effective treatment for all ages

Many adults aren’t happy with their teeth but over the years have learned to live with them. We believe everyone deserves to be happy with their teeth and smile, which is why we encourage adult patients to talk to us about their treatment options.

Teeth straightening methods have come a long way over recent years and, as a result, we can treat a variety of orthodontic problems – both major and minor. Whether you have a crooked tooth you’ve always been self-conscious of, or have noticed your teeth that you previously had straightened have moved again, we have braces that will fix that – and most are so discreet not even your friends and family members will know you’re wearing them.

We also aim to treat patients and achieve a great result with non-extraction methods wherever possible.

Adult orthodontic treatmentAdult orthodontic treatmentAdult orthodontic treatment

Benefits of adult orthodontic treatment

  • Improve overall smile and appearance
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Improve oral hygiene
  • Correct major and minor orthodontic problems
  • Reduce the risk of further dental problems

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