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Clear Ceramic braces

We offer clear braces here at Eden Orthodontics. These work in exactly the same way as metal braces do (using the archwire and elastic band system), but they’re a more discreet option. This is because the brackets attached to the front surface of your teeth are made from clear, ceramic material. This enables them to blend in with the colour of your teeth, meaning people won't immediately notice you're wearing braces.

Clear ceramic bracesClear ceramic bracesClear ceramic braces

Clarity Advance clear braces

At Eden Orthodontics, we use Clarity Advance clear ceramic braces. These have transformed this method of orthodontic treatment and have a number of advantages:

  • The brackets are remarkably small, making them very comfortable to wear. 
  • The ceramic material is extremely robust and durable, which means less risk of damage to your braces throughout treatment. 
  • They are very discreet and don't interfere with your lifestyle. 

Benefits of clear braces

The greatest benefit of clear ceramic braces is that they're incredibly discreet. The ceramic material doesn't stain either so they'll remain discreet throughout the duration of your treatment. Combine these benefits with the fact that clear ceramic braces get great results and it's easy to see why they're a popular choice with many of our adult patients. 

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