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  • Unique treatment plans for children, teens and adults
  • Nearly invisible options for discreet treatments
  • Latest technological advancements

Dr Smith

Dr Smith

Specialist Orthodontist

One of Auckland’s Top Invisalign® providers

We straighten over 200 smiles each year using
Invisalign® clear aligners.

  • A straighter smile - without metal brackets
  • Comfortable aligners moulded for your teeth
  • State-of-the-art 3D scans for precise results

Lightforce 3D Braces are Here!

LightForce™ treatment provides us with an unprecedented level of control over your smile's outcome. Through customisation of the size, shape, and position of each bracket, we meticulously optimise your treatment plan.

  • Customised Brackets: LightForce™ allows us to tailor the size, shape, and position of each bracket to optimise your treatment plan.
  • Enhanced Control: Our orthodontic experts have unprecedented control over the outcome of your smile with LightForce™ treatment.
  • Precision Planning: Through customisation, we ensure that every aspect of your treatment is carefully planned and executed for the best results.

Discover LightForce 3D Braces

LightForce 3D Braces

What our patients say


"My eldest daughter finished her treatment yesterday and her result is beyond amazing! Thank you!"


"These guys made a lot of information easy to digest and made me even more committed to getting the job done."


"Not only are they amazing orthodontists, they are also warm and friendly and the clinic is a reflection of this."


"Great service and vibe. My teeth look amazing after Invisalign treatment! A big thank you to Dr Rachel and her friendly and skilled team."


"Outcome is fantastic and we couldn’t be happier. It’s been great learning how the different options treat different issues."


"I am a student, so if it weren’t for the team, who went above and beyond to make the treatment affordable, it wouldn’t have been possible."