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Our technology

We use the most innovative solutions and modern orthodontic technology to make your treatment experience as comfortable, convenient, and quick as possible.

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Dental Monitoring:
remote check-ups from your phone

The Dental Monitoring app revolutionises orthodontic check-ups, allowing Dr Smith to observe your Invisalign® treatment virtually. You simply send us progress pictures from wherever you are and we will advise you on the next steps - no in-person visit needed!

How it works

 Dental Monitoring:remote check-ups from your phone

iTero 3D scanner:
a glimpse of your
future smile

We skip the messy moulds and use the precision of a 3D scanner to create digital impressions of your teeth during your initial visit. From there, we are able to create a customised treatment plan and give you a more accurate estimate of your treatment duration.

 iTero 3D scanner:a glimpse of yourfuture smile

The future
of orthodontics

Dr Smith prides herself on staying at the cutting-edge of modern orthodontics. And all of our treatments are designed to give you the best results possible - as quickly as possible. Book in a consultation and see our technology work for you.

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 The futureof orthodontics

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